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Do You Live A Life Of Success?

Before I was diagnosed with late stage cancer in 2009, I really thought I was living a life of success. I had recently remarried, had five wonderful and talented children, had a great paying career, always drove a new car,…

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  Success noun   suc·cess   \  sək-ˈses \ : degree or measure of succeeding How do you measure success? Does the amount of money you have compared to others mean you’re a success? Does living in a very large house determine success? Does having a more expensive…

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5 HUGE Reasons Make Exercise A Priority: #4 is Powerful!

Originally posted on Health Unlimited:
This is NOT a ‘preachy’ sermon on the benefits of exercise–Stick with me here. And it’s NOT meant to make you feel guilty if you aren’t exercising regularly, either—That doesn’t work—and no one would bother…

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Art & Soul Gala – Chapter Two

Last year around this time, my wife and I were busy preparing for the first ever Art & Soul Gala. We spent many hours with a wonderful team of volunteers making sure every detail was in place. But even with…

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