Matt Ellefson

Faith Over Fear

Matt Ellefson on the beach with family

Matt and granddaughters

As I sit here, contemplating the next stage in my cancer journey, I’m humbled by the continuous support and love I’ve received from all of you along the way. Thank you for your thoughts. Thank you for your support. And thank you for your prayers.

On July 22nd, while in Colorado for my scheduled checkup, I learned that my cancer was back. But before you worry, it’s only making a small appearance. A recurrence is not something completely unexpected for someone living with a terminal disease however, for the last 20 months I’ve been blessed with clean scans.
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Questions to ask your Oncologist

My cancer diagnosis was the toughest challenge I’ve ever encountered in my life. I knew about cancer, had friends and loved ones who lost their lives to cancer, but never in a million years did I think it would happen to me. So obviously, I wasn’t prepared. Why would I be? People don’t study cancer in preparation of receiving a diagnosis someday. None of us ever think it will happen to us because cancer is something that happens to other people, right? Wrong!

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10 Ways to Help a Friend with Cancer

Matt and friends June 2010

1. Say “I don’t know what to say” – A cancer diagnosis is something none of us are ever prepared for, and it can challenge the lines of communication between friends. Some people freeze up and don’t say anything at all, while others dwell on finding the “perfect” words.

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SURVIVEiT’s Five Pillars of Health

5 pillars of health

SURVIVEiT’s Five Pillars of Health are based upon our belief that there are five equal and essential components to complete wellness. When one of the pillars is missing, your body and mind cannot operate or heal at their full potential. Especially when facing illness, it is essential to keep these five pillars in mind as you work to reach your ultimate state of well-being.

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