Because Time Matters

December 31, 2013 marked the fourth year from the day I was first told I had late-stage lung cancer. A lot has happened over four years. Some things were tough, some moments I wouldn’t trade in a million years, and I’ve learned that each and every day is a great day to be alive!

Throughout my four-year journey, I’ve met some wonderful human beings. Some who have their own unique stories of tough times and special moments, and some who had dreams of tomorrow but tomorrow never came.

Regardless of where these people are in their journey today, I’m a better man because I was blessed to know them. And whenever God calls one of my friends home, I am reminded of how precious time really is. It is this reminder that keeps me focused on who I spend my time with and how I spend my time alone. Because time matters.

This realization also enforces my unshakable sense of urgency to help others. Recently, I’ve been moving forward with my vision of a world free from the fear of cancer. Friends and family have been helping me build the foundation of SURVIVEiT™ piece by piece. I have strong faith that SURVIVEiT™ will provide many, many people who are facing cancer with an opportunity for a better outcome. An opportunity to live another day spending more time with the people they love. Because time matters.

As I write this blog, I know the seed money my wife and I invested in SURVIVEiT™ has run dry. But, the lack of funds won’t slow our mission because we’re rich with the support of many friends and loved ones.

Loved ones such as my wife who put together SURVIVEiT’s™ first fundraiser, the Art & Soul Gala to be held February 1st. Along with many other loved ones who are volunteering their time to help. Time they are giving to a mission dedicated to helping others, because time matters.

Thank you God for everyone you have placed into my life. And please bless the kind souls of my friends and loved ones who are giving their precious gift of time to others who desperately need their help.

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